Op de slee!

Our downstairs neighbour was reading to her daughter the other night and came across the following illustration (by popular Dutch artist Fiep Westendorp):

Look familiar?

Saturdays in Asia

So our Saturdays now begin with Cantonese class and are punctuated with lunch at one of the Korean (for gimbap) or Japanese (for onigiri) stores nearby. You see, the neighbourhood around where Chinese school is held happens to be a big hit with the Asian diaspora, thanks in large part to Amsterdam’s long-standing Japanese diaspora, who paved the way. Clustered nearby are the European headquarters of over 300 Japanese companies (including Nikon, Canon, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and — yes! — Yakult) as well as the Japanese International School. Of late, many Korean and Chinese companies (Huawei among them) have set up shop here as well.

So, as a result, our Saturdays have become decidedly Asian. I should note that there are a number of delicious-looking Israeli eateries in the area also, but, well, that doesn’t work out for us too well on Saturdays…


So the boys are actually out of school this week, which is great because the four of us can spend lots of time together, but it’s also challenging since it means lots of late nights for Jen and I to do the work we otherwise would do during the day if the boys were in school.

Such is life. But not a bad trade-off at all.

In any event, the week started optimistically but was suddenly hampered by an ill Spencer. Hopefully by the time this post goes live, he’ll be better, but rest assured that he’s powering through it. Which is good, since we still have some vakantie to salvage!

Looking back at the optimistic start of the week, they boys had an epic romp around Westerpark with their old buddy Lucy and her brother. She was one of their first friends in Amsterdam, and although they go to different schools now, they haven’t missed a beat.

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